To offer a warmer welcome and even better service, Esset Property Management has moved

They’ve finally done it! On 3 May, Esset Property Management staff left their offices at Avenue Louise 331 to move into newly renovated premises at Rue des Colonies 56, 1000 Brussels. Customers can now expect a warm welcome and great service in a building that embodies Esset’s values of hospitality, comfort and the personal touch.

The importance of a pleasant and stimulating work environment needs no justification in 2023. Environment plays a key role in workers’ (and customers’!) performance and well-being. We’ve therefore put a lot of thought into the design of our new premises.

The setting that the designers have sought to create for Esset is apparent as soon as you enter. This carefully created environment is simple and uncluttered, yet it encourages you to stay for more than just work. Once you’ve walked through the door, you’ll be reluctant to leave! The building is full of natural and familiar elements, plants, colours and more.

Since light is essential to our daily comfort and well-being, a light well has been installed inside the offices. Whether employees are working on the inner or outer side, natural light illuminates the space.

What’s more, Esset Property Management’s new building is located in the Gare Centrale district (behind St Gudula’s Cathedral and just a stone’s throw from the Royal Park) and perfectly positioned with great views on all sides.

‘The idea is to work in an open space. (…) no partitions have been put up. Contrary to what you might think, the offices are very quiet. If you need to make a phone call, “bubbles” are available for a bit of privacy. There are four rooms for internal or external meetings. At the same time, we’ve tried to set up spaces for relaxing, meeting or chatting so that we can take a break from time to time and meet colleagues that we’re not necessarily used to meeting because they work in a completely different department. (…). We’ll try to maintain this dynamism.’ Christian Nihant

 From an ecological standpoint, significant reuse and standardisation efforts have also been made. Some of the furniture from the old office has been recovered and fitted in Rue des Colonies. Esset’s determination to contribute to the circular economy sprang above all from a desire to reduce its environmental impact as well as to save money.

Esset’s new premises have been devised and developed by in-house professionals. The team supervised by Bart Vandenberg consisted of people of all ages, areas of expertise and backgrounds, with two obvious strengths: diversity and knowledge-sharing. Among the team members, Christian Nihant, Property & Project Manager, Nesrine Jebali, Director of the Communication & Marketing Department, and Elissa Fleiti, Purchasing Manager, were present throughout the project.

They were joined by three others whose approach was youthful – and full of promise. Esset’s commitment to getting young students started in the working world is well known, and the three students of architecture and human relations who were involved were able to challenge each other and learn to work as a team. And the challenges were plentiful.

From the time of its launch (October 2022), the project encountered obstacles. Everyone underestimated the scale of the change. The initial request had been to get everything finished in three months. It didn’t work out that way. The work was delayed and the time to prepare for the transition was tight, but there were also external factors that worked against us, so it was necessary to adapt and find solutions.

The fact that the move was able to take place smoothly reflects the dedication and commitment of the teams, whose careful orchestration and meticulous organisation enabled everyone to settle in. ‘We’re also grateful to the IT specialists who enabled the teams to hit the ground running,’ commented Christian Nihant, Property & Project Management. Thank you!

The heads of department also played a part in ensuring that the relocation went off without a hitch. They succeeded in communicating each department’s specific requirements using a questionnaire that had been sent to them earlier on, to enable employees to participate actively in the project.

Here are some of the comments that have come in:

‘I really feel at home. The offices are beautiful and comfortable, and I like the natural light. It’s very pleasant to work here. The kitchen is great, and everything seems pretty well thought out.’ Nancy, Retail Department

‘The new offices are welcoming. We have a lovely view of the Parc du Cinquantenaire. The layout is brilliant! The offices are modern, and best of all they’re located in the heart of the city, close to all its strategic locations.’ Silham, Letting & Sales Department Assistant

‘The move went well, as everything was already connected. All I had to do was plug in my computer. The offices are nice.’ Théodore, residential B2B property accountant


We’re proud to be able to give you the warmest of welcomes and optimal service at our new offices!

See you soon?

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