MIPIM: Esset becomes sponsor of Belgian Night by Herpain!

For the first time, Esset Property Management is sponsoring the Belgian Night organised by Herpain Entreprise. This fabulous evening will take place on 14 March in Cannes during the 24th edition of MIPIM.

MIPIM, the world’s leading property event, brings together thousands of property professionals, investors, developers and policy makers from around the world each year to exchange ideas, explore new opportunities and discuss market trends. It was created in response to the challenges facing the real estate sector as it grapples with an ever-changing urban landscape.

This collaboration with Herpain marks a promising partnership between two major players in the Belgian real estate industry, offering a unique platform to promote excellence and innovation in the sector.

Esset has been a major player in the Belgian market since 2023. In fact, Esset is by far the No. 1 in France in terms of size and performance. It therefore seemed essential this year for Esset to be visible at Mipim. As a sponsor of Belgian Night, Esset is affirming its commitment to the Belgian real estate industry and its desire to strengthen its presence on the international stage.

In this prestigious setting, Belgian Night has become an unmissable tradition, offering participants an evening of exclusive networking in a convivial atmosphere.

Esset’s participation in this evening offers a unique opportunity to meet opinion leaders, establish strategic contacts and showcase Belgium’s most innovative and promising real estate projects. This event represents a valuable opportunity for Esset to consolidate its reputation as a key player in the property sector, while exploring new collaborations and expanding its professional network.

But in addition to visibility, it is also necessary to offer an evening of relaxation and hope for some form of appreciation among the Belgian clients and contacts that Esset has invited.
“MIPIM isn’t just about two or three days networking, racing against the clock to get to successive meetings. It’s also about finding time to chat with colleagues, clients and potential future clients in a more relaxed atmosphere.
Belgian Night is practically the closing event of MIPIM and the place to be on Thursday evening. I therefore hope to be able to enjoy a moment of relaxation with the guests. Above all, I hope our guests have a good time, because that’s all we should get out of it”, explains Bart Van Den Berg, Managing Director of Esset.

So when there’s an event that combines the pleasant with the useful, don’t hesitate!

As well as being a leading event in the property sector, Belgian Night also stands out for its commitment to charity. This humanitarian and social dimension had a profound influence on Esset’s decision to become a sponsor of the event. Involvement in charities aligned with the company’s values not only reinforces its social responsibility, but also its reputation as an organisation that cares about the well-being of society as a whole.

Esset looks forward to participating in this exceptional event and actively contributing to the promotion of excellence and innovation in the real estate sector.

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