Three birds with one stone for Emeria (Foncia)

Bringing together under the same umbrella and under the Esset banner the expertise and teams of three corporate property managers already active in Belgium. A new giant of the sector emerges.

By bringing together under the Esset Benelux banner the teams and clients of Cushman & Wakefield Asset Services, Trevi Corporate and Codabel (Belgium and the Netherlands), the newcomer from the property management sector has immediately risen to the ranks of the top 3 in the Belgian professional property management market.

The new merged company, which will have a total of 100 employees in the Benelux, will start out by managing a portfolio of 1.6 million square metres. It will be headed by Nicolas Renders, currently the COO of the OP-Trevi Group. Bérenger Drouin and Gaëtan Leroux, formerly of Codabel, are also joining the management committee. The services offered cover the domains of property management, asset management, investment management and facility management.

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COULEE Philippe, D’une pierre trois coups pour Emeria (Foncia), L’ECHO, Tuesday, 11 January 2022.

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