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Esset is committed to providing exceptional services to our investors, combining extensive research, local knowledge with innovative investment solutions. All of this is delivered by a seasoned team of talented and passionate professionals in the real estate industry. We understand the challenges of our investors and help them define their investment strategy in the local market. This team is dedicated to finding the best properties that reflect our investors’ strategies and needs, as well as to advising and supporting them through the acquisition process until full completion of the transaction.

Why choose Esset Investment?

Local knowledge

Our real estate expertise makes us uniquely placed to offer you the best investment solutions.

Tailored approach

We create optimized and innovative solutions that fit your goals and ensure the best returns.

Full range services

We provide a quality service to match your need at each stage of your commercial development.

Team Belgium

Berenger Drouin

Founder, Managing Director BE

IPI 509557

Quentin Chambaud

Investment Director

Team Netherlands

Arnaud du Pont

Managing Director

+31 624 21 44 47

Pio Fernandez Rijsdijk

Country Manager

+31 653 21 35 93

Clay Padmore

Junior Acquisition Analyst

+31 620 587 217

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